Pressing Red: Understanding & Overcoming Gender-Based Violence

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Understanding and Overcoming

Gender-Based Violence

A six week course based on the award winning* book “Scars across Humanity” by Elaine Storkey

The Pressing Red Course aims to raise awareness, equip participants, and promote action about one of the most important and pressing issues of our world – the global scope of violence against women.  

Spread over six sessions, each one includes videos from Christian organisations working within that field, discussion, a Bible study and practical steps you can take to make a difference. 

To get the most out of the course, participants are expected to read the relevant chapters of Elaine Storkey’s book “Scars Across Humanity” which each session is based on. 

We encourage all genders to join the course and be part of the conversation! 



In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we understand that many of you will not be able to meet each other physically at your home groups/small groups/churches/etc. Therefore, we would advise participants to sign up as a group with their known peers so your group leader can send out the course materials.

You should then spend some time looking at the questions/discussion points for each session in advance – you can do this on your own or in twos/threes/fours online! You should then arrange a time with your other group members to watch the videos and meet for each session.

We would recommend meeting on an online conferencing app called Zoom. This app also allows everyone to break out into different meeting rooms within the chat, making it ideal for the smaller group discussions in pairs/threes/fours.We would suggest keeping your meetings to the same format as each session for Pressing Red. Please go to the course FAQs for information on how to run Pressing Red online and set up Zoom for the course. 

The Course Contains:

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By doing this you support the work of Press Red & Redcliffe.

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Session 1: A Global Epidemic

In session one we introduce gender based violence around the world and begin to empower you to raise awareness of the issues.

Session 2: Birth and Adolescence

Learn about the risks to women around the world during birth and adolescence and what you can do about it.

Session 3: Marriage and the Home



In session three we aim to have greater empathy and understanding  of the seriousness of domestic violence and forced marriage and think about how to support women in these situations.

Session 4: Sexual Violence



This week we aim to understand and how to respond appropriately to suspected situations of modern slavery and sex trafficking.

Session 5: Women and Religion

This session allocates time to reconsider Bible texts traditionally seen as patriarchal and gives space to be able to evaluate both negative and positive views of women in world religions.

Session 6: Overcoming the Darkness

This final session gives participants an opportunity to reflect on what you have learnt, to consider becoming an advocate for change and celebrate what has been achieved so far in the fight against gender-based violence.

Potential course leaders please note:

We believe that the issues covered in this course are important for all genders to engage with but we are aware that the topics covered are not comfortable ones. We have been careful to avoid the use of distressing images or videos. However, the material itself may provoke strong emotional reactions from participants.

We strongly recommend that you run this course connected with a community/organisation that has safeguarding policies and practices in place and that you have a plan to handle disclosures. At the end of each session we also offer sources of further support for individuals impacted by the material.

Course Features

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  • Language English
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Rosie Button is the tutor on this course. She is the Course Facilitator for the MA in Member Care at Redcliffe College, and Module Leader for the Gender and Mission module. Before working at Redcliffe College she spent 18 years in three African countries as a missionary with her family.