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Amidst the recent increased awareness of the plight of refugees and asylum seekers from places such as Syria, Afghanistan and South Sudan, thousands have responded to the call of providing love, support and practical assistance. But face-to-face with intense trauma and dependency, how do we build resilience in those working with refugees?

Whether you regularly visit or work alongside people in refugee camps across the world, or are involved in the support and settlement of migrant refugees in your neighbourhood, serving displaced people means frequently coming face-to-face with the realities of those suffering acute trauma, loss and displacement as a result of forced or necessary migration. In this environment, the wellbeing of our refugee workers and teams is essential to the ongoing support we can provide to refugees and asylum seekers.

Redcliffe’s Refugee Worker Online Training aims to provide an opportunity to consider those working with refugees, as well as the refugees themselves, and offers vital tools for ensuring that your team remain healthy and able to respond to the needs of those they serve.

In the first two sessions we cover topics like:

  • Understanding refugees, their experiences and the resulting impact
  • Building cultural awareness and recognising cultural implications
  • Recognising and understanding loss, stress, trauma and PTSD Case studies, to help workers make wise decisions

In the last two sessions we focus on an often overlooked but equally important asset: you!

The refugee worker is a vital cog in the care machine, and learning self-care is not only advantageous to them, but to the people they work with and the organisations they work for. Healthy workers stay in the field for longer and are more effective and helpful to the people they work with.

In the last two sessions some of the things we cover are:

  • The cost of caring and building resilience
  • Burnout, stress and vicarious trauma and strategies for avoiding them
  • Self Care for the Worker and how they and their organisations can support them

Aid work requires wildly ferocious self-care, not just outside of work but throughout the day. You are your only refuge.

Katia Savchuk 

A UNHCR and Webster University report highlights risks of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, secondary stress and burn-out among staff.

Nora Sturm

Who is Teaching?


Marion Knell consults with the Refugee Highway Partnership on Member Care and Trauma Response for Refugees and Refugee Workers.

Having served with the leadership committees of Member Care Europe and the Global Member Care Network, and inaugurated the MA in Member Care at Redcliffe College, Marion is an international speaker on Staff Care and works with an international relocation company as an intercultural trainer.

Team Picture
Marion Knell (left) & Rosie Button (right)

Course Leader

Rosie Button is the Course Facilitator for the MA in Member Care at Redcliffe College, and the Module Leader for the Gender and Mission module.

Before working at Redcliffe she spent 18 years in three African countries as a missionary with her family.

Since its inception as a one-day workshop, the content of this course has grown to double the size! We could have turned it into a two day conference but that doubles the tuition cost and the amount of time required by people to come, as well as adding additional costs of overnight accommodation and food.

Rather than trying to organise a two-day event for busy people, we decided to create an online course. Now you can study the course at your own pace, on your own or in a group, wherever you are!

To find out more about the course and purchase 1 year’s access (365 days) click on the link below.

Please note:

This licence entitles one individual user access to the course. If you wish to engage with this course as a group, then you will need to purchase a license for each individual. For a multi-user quote click here.

This course is outstanding value for money. It will be the catalyst that you need to make time to think through issues relating to working with refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people.

This course offers fully accessible and truly flexible training, wherever you are. 

Jennie Watts – Administrator, Wycliffe Bible Translators UK & Ireland